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Oxfordshire Greentech

The business network for a low-carbon future
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What we will do

Oxfordshire Greentech will organise and run regular events, initially focused on Electric Vehicles, the Built Environment and Social Enterprise,  which both showcase best practice and provide opportunities for business development and collaboration. Events will have leading speakers from specialist greentech, environmental and business sectors. Events will be a chance to learn about the latest initiatives, innovations and technologies, as well as an opportunity to meet, network and do business with other entrepreneurs, companies and innovators who are working to deliver a low carbon future for Oxfordshire and the world.



Meet, network and do business with greentech entrepreneurs, companies and innovators.

Business Support

Bespoke business support for companies that place sustainability at the heart of their work.

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The new business network for low-carbon and cleantech businesses in Oxfordshire
More and more businesses are committing to sustainability and to cleaner and greener business models and supply chains. Opportunities for business growth through sustainable innovation are also increasing and the demand for a business forum to share ‘greentech’ ideas and business opportunities is clear.

Partnership and Collaboration

Oxfordshire Greentech is part of the Oxfutures programmes. Oxfutures is delivering:

  • Energy Audits
  • Energy Innovation
  • Knowledge sharing and networking

Low Carbon Hub

The Low Carbon Hub is a social enterprise that’s out to prove we can meet our energy needs in a way that’s good for people and good for the planet.

One Planet Living

Oxfordshire Greentech is using Bioregional’s One Planet Living principles. One Planet Living is an easy-to-use framework that can help anyone, anywhere to plan, deliver and communicate sustainability
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