Circular Economy Special Interest Group

What is this group?

This is a special interest group focused on Circular Economy, and will provide SIG members with expert insight into particular topics, and a forum for debate, networking and potential joint commercial ventures. It is being championed by QSA Partners, an associate founder member of Oxfordshire Greentech.

Our aims:

  • To enhance awareness and understanding of what the circular economy is
  • To provide accessible events, workshops, and discussion groups for further learning
  • To engage enterprises in Oxfordshire with how to implement business model transitions towards a circular model
  • To develop and scale up the circular economy as a whole within the county

More events coming soon…


To access the Zoom recording from our most recent event on “Circular business models: better customer service & environmental impact”, please fill out your details below. You will receive an email with the recording link and password.

Past events

Creating sustainable and innovative business models, 03.07.19

Breaking into small groups, 03.07.19

Dave Beesley from Oxford Office Furniture explains their implementation of circular strategies 03.07.19

Andy and Tom (our sustainability champions here at OPD) very much enjoyed the Sustainable Business Models seminar and we’ve already begun developing our policy and planning our evolution towards fully sustainable!

Rupert Wilkinson

Oxford Product Design

Who are QSA Partners?
We are a team of leading circular economy business consultants who use strong commercial, financial and sustainability expertise, alongside practical and experienced project management to develop and implement successful circular business models. We work hands-on with businesses to help them take innovative business propositions to commercial reality and have more than 50 years combined experience in low carbon economics, resource efficient business, innovation and financial modelling.
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Gerrard Fisher

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Kristina Bull

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Mark Hodgson

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Jennifer Decker

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