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This page is for sharing news about the greentech sector, whether in Oxfordshire or further afield, as well as relevant job opportunities arising, and to welcome new members. Our membership is full of active and vibrant organisations, often producing their own research or insights into their areas of expertise, as well as advertising for new people to join their teams, which we are pleased to showcase here.


Welcome to our most recent new members…

Cherwell District Council


Cherwell District Council is the local authority in North Oxfordshire, delivering on numerous innovative projects within the sustainability field. They played a pivotal role in the development of Oxfordshire Greentech from its inception and continue to support as a Founding Member.

mode transport planning

mode is a transport planning consultancy providing advice to the development industry across a range of land use classes. We provide innovative highway design solutions and transport and travel planning advice to unlock development potential whilst promoting sustainable travel

Hesys Sustainability Services

Hesys Sustainability Services support smaller organisations embrace the UN Sustainable Development Goals, to select 2 or 3 and build an adoption and tracking plan. We believe in starting small and growing. We believe in employee engagement and that small changes contribute towards the bigger whole

Happy Nation Home

Happy Nation Home are a Danish brand that redefine and raise standards of short-term housing in the UK. We create well-designed living spaces that focus on art, functionality and sustainability of short-term accommodation for holidaymakers and corporate clients. We educate our guests on how to be healthy and environmentally friendly, and have sustainability policies in place across all arms of our hospitality business


Tala is a stakeholder communications consultancy with a broad international client-base. We are based in rural North Oxfordshire and count OxLEP and the Oxford to Cambridge Arc as clients. Relevant assignments have included solar, onshore wind, energy from waste, propulsion systems and building insulation

Sabe Fluid Dynamics

We aim at bringing the state-of-the-art technology and techniques in the field of fluid dynamics to our clients, with the objective of improving the performance and efficiency of their processes and products as a consequence


Antifragile Learning Circle

Lively Worlds would like Greentech to discover their Antifragile Learning Circle. This is a next-generation executive education program that equips businesses with the leadership, strategy and implementation mindsets and skills to become more antifragile—to thrive amidst rapid change and uncertainty. It’s a 10-month program that combines teaching, facilitation, mentoring and peer-to-peer coaching.

Cherwell helps businesses transition to a low carbon future

Cherwell District Council has signed up to become a founder member of Oxfordshire Greentech Ltd. The new partnership will offer enhanced support to Cherwell businesses looking to foster a more environmentally friendly approach to growth and prosperity. 

Breakthrough water desalination innovators Solar Water appoint Shaw Gibbs as outsourced finance partner

Solar Water PLC generates fresh water through the innovative use of carbon-neutral and sustainable technology. Their vision is to produce an inexhaustible fresh water supply for agricultural, industrial and domestic use. Shaw Gibbs were selected to act as Solar Water’s back-office finance department and will also provide advisory support. Read more here…

Staying COVID-19 Secure in 2020

Life will not return to our old normal anytime soon and we will have to get used to maintaining social distancing for some time yet.

Read MD of LCMB Building Performance Ltd’s John O’Brien’s blog on how to stay secure…


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