Built Environment Special Interest Group

What is this group?

This is a special interest group focused on Built Environment, and will provide SIG members with expert insight into particular topics, and a forum for debate, networking and potential joint commercial ventures. If you would like to become the champion of this group, please do get in touch at admin@oxfordshiregreentech.co.uk

Our aims:

  • To enhance awareness and understanding of developments in the low-carbon built environment sector
  • To provide accessible events, workshops, and discussion groups for further learning
  • To develop and scale up a low/zero-carbon built environment norm as a whole within the county

More events coming soon…

Previous events

  • Creating One Planet Communities: Inspiration from Ottawa and Oxfordshire (2 June 2020)
  • Introduction to One Planet Living® for sustainable places (30 April 2020) 
  • The future of Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) for commercial buildings and the drive for zero carbon (16 October 2019)
  • Exceptional Buildings – Showcasing the future of innovative, sustainable building projects (inc. tour of the new Bicester Eco Business Centre) (18 July 2019)

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