What can we offer you?

The low carbon sector in Oxfordshire is growing, worth an estimated £1.2 billion per year in sales and currently represents 7% of the county’s economy (as of 2018). Joining Oxfordshire Greentech brings a wealth of benefits to help you advance your organisation in this flourishing sector.

Our whole focus at Oxfordshire Greentech is to provide our members with the opportunities to innovate, grow, collaborate, and create the low carbon future we all want. We assist the generation of new business, new products and services that help deliver a route towards a Zero Carbon Oxfordshire, as well as convening parties of a more social entrepreneurial focus with a shared interest in solving problems. We are committed to helping members across varying sectors make the difference they want to make.

We provide you with new opportunities for growth, funding and collaboration by helping you with:

Building connections: 

We help you to connect with like-minded organisations from across public, private and academia working in the low carbon sector.

Finding funding opportunities:

We collate and bring to you the latest grant funding opportunities in the greentech sector.

Knowledge and leadership:

We help you become key players in the low carbon space by providing you with the relevant knowledge and training to grow, while creating an environmental impact

Practical Support:

We offer you practical business support through partner projects, free or subsidised energy audits and various events including tailored ‘special interest groups’ and site visits to see projects in action.

Facilitating introductions:

We can help introduce you to key players, be they investors, public bodies or innovators.

Inspiring and showcasing:

Get yourself heard through our events and communication channels. We’ll also help showcase and celebrate the impact you are having in creating a more sustainable future


Join us, and we’ll make it our mission to support you and your organisation in the growing low-carbon sector by encouraging innovation, collaboration and knowledge transfer with the aim of transitioning towards a truly sustainable, low carbon future.

Who can join?

Oxfordshire Greentech is open to any business or organisation working in, or looking to diversify into the low-carbon, environmental sector.

This covers all activity that deals with environmental issues – from traditional pollution clean-up to renewable energy, to complex low carbon solutions.

We’re a broad church, looking to transition all sectors to a low/zero-carbon economy, so we have EV dealers, architects, lawyers, business advisors, printers, estate agents, and even furniture sellers!

Join today

If you would like more information or want to join us, please contact us today.