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This page is for sharing news about the greentech sector, whether in Oxfordshire or further afield, as well as relevant job opportunities arising, and to welcome new members. Our membership is full of active and vibrant organisations, often producing their own research or insights into their areas of expertise, as well as advertising for new people to join their teams, which we are pleased to showcase here.


Welcome to our most recent new members…

Oxford City Council

Oxford City Council has set an ambitious target of hitting net zero by 2040 for the city. As part of these ambitions, they will be working closely with the Oxfordshire Greentech team to connect with and support the business community in this transition.

Darcica Logistics

Winner of the 2022 OXBA Green Award; family-owned company Darcica Logistics provide sustainable delivery and fulfilment services. Carbon reductions play a big part in everything Darcica does from route optimisation, reducing waste and innovation towards a zero emissions fleet.

Clipper Automotive

Clipper Automotive make, rent and sell all-electric zero emissions London taxi cabs. We convert fossil fuel vehicles to electric using our innovative flexible EV tech.

Big Small Good

Big Small Good is a marketing consultancy and Certified B Corp, focused on helping companies share their purpose and sustainability journey.

Green Savvy

Would you like to become a more sustainable business, but you are unsure where to start? Here at Green Savvy we can provide expert advice, support and a friendly customer centric way of working. 

Get in touch with us on Tel: 07813693745 or email:


We want to deliver exciting and fun motorbikes, but to deliver with zero emissions. We service, sell and also MOT motorbikes.

First Thirty

Coaching and assisting emerging companies to become investable, sustainable, and valuable for their founders, their team, and the communities they serve. Advising on strategies, planning, proposals and pitches, and scaling up for long-term success. Building ESG into corporate strategy.

Make It Good

Make It Good is a hybrid sustainability/brand marcomms
outfit dedicated to building regenerative brands.

Defy Expectations

Defy Expectations drives business success by helping you get the right people, in the right place, at the right time, doing the right things. They offer leadership and team coaching, and are experts in business management and neuroscience insights in the workplace.


Why it’s the “common person” and their pension who will drive environmental change

A recent survey from investment company Aegon of 10,000 Brits found that 72% of respondents were concerned about environmental issues, 61% worrying about equality, and 65% having concerns about poor corporate governance practices. However, this is countered by the fact that 55% are not aware of or don’t understand the terms ‘responsible investment’, ‘sustainable investment’ or ‘ESG investing’…

Join TBAT’s new programme – The Innovation Challenge

Associate Founder TBAT has just launched The Innovation Challenge, offering multiple stages. Initially, any company registered will have access to 4 great workshops involving all the challenge partners. They’ll then be invited to submit a full application with the chance to pitch to investors and win our fantastic prize package. 

Brill Power revolutionise battery performance

They launched a new intelligent battery management system ‘BrillMS B62 Premium’, increasing battery life by up to 60% and an enhanced storage capacity by up to 129%. This was achieved by using a specialised approach to optimise cell level current control. Improvements have been made not only in performance but also reliability, uptime, a reduction in waste and lifetime operating costs.

The gains are impressive as currently regular battery systems are inefficient and over time cells degrade at different rates. This reduces the lifetime performance and safety of the whole battery system. Brill Power intend to transform both the stationary energy storage market as well as the motive application of battery cells in electric vehicles.

How should I communicate about our green and sustainable business? FREE consultation offer

Regardless of the outcome, COP26 is a landmark moment for everyone in business. The direction is clear. There has to be huge sustainable goals and far more focus on achieving a genuinely green economy.

So, how are you talking about this in your business? Are you telling the right stories? Are you confused?

Positively Media, who have been pioneers of green agenda communications for 20 years, are offering fellow Oxfordshire Greentech members an initial free consultation to review what you are saying as a business or brand.

Is your messaging evolving to reflect new thinking and aligning to the new sustainable agenda? Contact Rod Macrae to book a session.

Oxford Technology Park unveils plans for the Innovation Quarter

Oxford Technology Park, the major new science and technology park for Oxford, has unveiled plans for the Innovation Quarter – 11 two-storey buildings of striking contemporary design, to accommodate the rapid growth of Oxford’s science and technology companies.

Since the inception, sustainability has been the principal ethos of the park, meaning the Innovation Quarter’s environmental credentials, which will be rated BREEAM Excellent, will include carpet tiling from recycled materials, automatic movement and daylight sensitive lighting, mixed mode mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, energy monitoring system, solar gain resistant enhanced cladding and electric vehicle charging points.



Martin Garratt and Planet Saving Partnerships: collaborating on sustainable innovation 

Martin Garratt, founder and chief executive of Cambridge Cleantech was recently interviewed for an article Planet saving partnerships: collaborating on sustainable innovation. Martin is helping innovators connect with ‘innovation-hungry companies’ and investors. He explained, ‘We’re seeing change. Corporates are increasingly looking for innovative solutions. These solutions are being generated, and we’re also seeing an opening up of a new “this is good for the future of humankind” mentality.’

Connections and crowdsourcing are happening at digital and live events, through projects like Scale-up, where solutions are crowdsourced across the network. Scale-Up involves six countries (five of which are ranked in the top 10 of the world’s most innovative) and a web of innovators eager to provide solutions. Similar introductions are being made in the UK, including at the Dragon’s Den-style Cleantech Venture Days. At a Cambridge Cleantech Venture Day in March, 50 investors requested 62 meetings with innovators. ‘That’s a good sign’, says Garratt, ‘since investors are picky about who they speak to’.


Mewburn Ellis releases new Green Intellectual Property report to coincide with COP26

The report examines the role of patents in making innovative green technologies a reality, as well as how the patent landscape can be used to identify opportunities for partnership, collaboration and investment. 

Over the past decade climate change mitigating technologies (CCMTs) have doubled. This steep increase in patent applications from commercially focused innovators, have sought to reduce the negative impact of human activity on climate change and the natural environment. 

The report highlights how patents are crucial to expediting cutting edge green technologies and the data identifies areas that receive the most attention from innovators. Patent applications are diverse, ranging from an AI-mediated renewable energy supply harnessing electric vehicle battery technology to drive energy efficiency in consumer devices and repurposing carbon dioxide to make protein-rich foods.

Oxford-based company EZ-Charge are raising funds to create easy-access public charge points

The ground-breaking company EZ-Charge, are currently raising finance via Ethex to make EV ownership and charging easier. With the creation of easy-access public charge points, they are extending the network. Find out more about the project in this webinar recording.