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ESCO-in-a-box aims to help SMEs install energy efficiency solutions

Oxfordshire firms keen to implement energy saving measures into their operations but who struggle to find the time, money and resources, can take part in a pilot scheme to access the expertise and finance they might need.

Does buying pre-loved clothing mean buying less new?

Clothing retailers could take a quick and easy step towards reducing their environmental impact by taking back clothes from their customers and reselling them on the second-hand market – but what is the commercial potential of doing so?
This is the focus of new research that QSA Partners have published. Click below to download it for free!

Antifragile Learning Circle

Lively Worlds would like Greentech to discover their Antifragile Learning Circle. This is a next-generation executive education program that equips businesses with the leadership, strategy and implementation mindsets and skills to become more antifragile—to thrive amidst rapid change and uncertainty. It’s a 10-month program that combines teaching, facilitation, mentoring and peer-to-peer coaching.

Research & Development tax reliefs – assistance with cashflow

As COVID-19 continues to impact on the day-to-day operations of businesses, considering all potential sources of income and short-term cash is key. One option to explore is Research and Development (R&D) tax credits. Check out founder member Shaw Gibbs’ advice and offer below…

Modular eco-building transported 300 miles to its new home on Roman Vindolanda site

Offsite construction company, Green Unit, has installed a 109sqm eco-build at the site of the Roman Vindolanda fort, in Northumberland.Green Unit’s entire offsite build process for the stunning, low carbon, modular ARC II building took just a few months. Once virtually complete in early March 2020, the building was transported 300 miles from Green Unit’s Oxfordshire factory to the UNESCO World Heritage Site in five road-transportable sections… 

Energy storage: How one Oxfordshire firm is pioneering new battery technology

The storage of electricity from low or zero carbon generation sources is of vital importance to addressing the climate crisis…

Commercial laundries: Can Oxford’s new eco-laundry become a blueprint for the industry?

Oxford firm and Oxfordshire Greentech member OXWASH would love its new eco-laundry in Oxford to turn the tide of the commercial laundry industry away from environmentally harmful practices… 

Hat trick of projects showcased in vision for a cleaner Oxfordshire

More than 60 guests attended the event on Tuesday (5 November) at the Eco Business Centre in Elmsbrook, where Cherwell District Council joined other businesses to share their knowledge of existing low-carbon initiatives.

The presentations were part of the Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership’s (OxLEP) launch of the Oxfordshire energy strategy, a call to action for businesses and residents to support a vision for the county to be at the forefront of energy innovation and foster a cleaner growth.

Bicester’s Eco Business Centre scoops award for planning innovation

Bicester’s newest office and coworking space has been commended by industry experts for planning excellence. The Eco Business Centre, in North West Bicester, was developed by Cherwell District Council and is an exemplar in sustainability. It is zero carbon and is the first non-residential Passivhaus Plus building in the UK…

Why isn’t everyone creating Productive, High Performing and Healthier Workplaces?

Over the last thirty years, designing, constructing and operating buildings, associate founder member John O’Brien from LCMB Building Performance Ltd has seen first-hand the benefits on people’s lives, their wellbeing and performance of improving their surroundings. Check out their fascinating article below on how optimising the workplace not only helps workers thrive, but can give your company a massive return on investment. Also, check out their video on how you can make back 100% of your operating costs!

#SwitchUpYourLunch – meet the members taking part

On Monday 8th June, the Switch Up Your Lunch veg pledge campaign is inviting organisations across the county to “eat to beat climate change”. Oxfordshire Greentech spoke to two of our members who are taking part – Steve Neal (Head of Audit at Shaw Gibbs, Founder Member) and Rupert Wilkinson (MD of Oxford Product Design, Associate Founder member) – and find out why they are joining #SwitchUpYourLunch.