Professional Services – Member to Member Offers

As part of our network offer, we want to strengthen business-to-business collaborations and interactions.

Therefore, as part of our membership benefits, we are pleased to promote our members’ professional services offer to all of our members and those of Cambridge Cleantech – our sister and affiliate network.

If you’re not already a member, why not sign up today and benefit from the fantastic offers provided by others within our network?

Adrian James Architects


We would be happy to provide Oxfordshire Greentech and Cambridge Cleantech members a free initial consultation and site visit for any prospective new build projects, even if there is no site. We think it’s best to engage in discussion when a project is just a twinkle in the eye.

Contact details

Adrian James – t: 01865 203267



Resonant Architecture

Resonant Architecture offers solutions to the challenge of integrating environmental sustainability into the lifecycle of built environments. Using the understanding and expertise gained in the field of both large scale strategic architectural projects and the design of detailed end-user experience, we seek a collaborative approach with like-minded clients to innovate where the opportunity presents itself to push the sustainability envelope.

Resonant Architecture are offering Oxfordshire Greentech members 10% off RIBA Stages 0-3 or built environment sustainability consulting.

Get in touch with Tom Dawson to benefit from this offer, citing your Greentech membership!


Shaw Gibbs


Free one hour consultation with Oxfordshire’s leading accountancy practice.

Whether you have questions about R&D tax, grant audits or year-end accounts, we promise that our teams of motivated and talented individuals will develop sound financial solutions, communicate in ‘plain English’ and deliver in a proactive way. 

No matter who you are, our pledge to you is the same:

  • We will adopt a fresh approach to every piece of work we do
  • We will provide logical solutions to assist you to achieve your full potential.
  • You will receive a first class service.
  • We will invest in the latest technology & keep up to date with current legislation to meet your needs in the best possible way

Book a meeting with us or call our marketing team on 01865 292 200


Studio Future


Studio Future works with organisations that protect our environment and improve peoples lives, to show that the right kind of stories can affect positive change, by crafting deeply moving films.

“One thing I find leaders can struggle with is communicating their Origin (where they’ve come from) stories in an impactful way, which is one of the quickest ways to build an emotional connection with whoever they’re speaking too.

What I can offer is a 1 hour discovery call with the founder or CEO of a member organisation to help craft that journey into something that can move their audience’s hearts and minds.”


Get in touch with Guy Loftus:


Phone number: +447752033238


Free 2 hour initial consultation for Oxfordshire Greentech members

 At FIRST THIRTY we offer:

Management coaching – Guidance and support to build the confidence to tackle any challenge.

Consulting – Tools, techniques and experience to help companies grow and succeed.

Training – Online or face-to-face modules, there for every step of the journey

Take a look at our website to see all of the service packages available to you!


Thalia Carr Coaching

HALF PRICE initial coaching session for teams or individuals to Oxfordshire Greentech members

Do you want a happier, more productive workplace for yourself and your colleagues? Not everything you do can be fixed with additional resources or a new system.

I help individuals and teams working for a sustainable world to achieve confidence, certainty & influence by overcoming personal blocks to progress.

Let’s face it, a difficult relationship, an ill at ease team, feelings of overwhelm in the face of a huge or confusing workload, these things can prevent your business from being their most efficient and productive. Stress in the workplace leads to days off work, low output, taking up the time of others.

Tackle the personal and interpersonal challenges and enjoy a happier, more productive workplace

First team or individual coaching session in a coaching package HALF PRICE to Oxfordshire Greentech members

As a member of Greentech, Thalia, Oxford Hub lead for Women in Sustainability, is happy to offer from her own business, Thalia Carr Coaching, a half price first session of either a team or individual coaching package to any Greentech member. (Coaching is on line, or face to face in Oxford)

To discuss or claim your offer email Thalia or book a zoom chat on

The Wilful Group

We are Wilful – A new kind of communications agency designed to support the ideas and innovations solving the world’s biggest problems.

We are determined and optimistic for the transition to a low carbon, regenerative economy.

Our clients are businesses, brands and institutions with game-changing solutions to scale. We believe communications can make a difference, connecting them with customers, capital and talent to accelerate progress.

Website: PR for Impact Startups | UK Communications Agency | Wilful United Kingdom (

Contact Sara Amin for more details:


Fortitude Communications


Free one-hour consultation with Oxford based PR and Communications agency founder Greig Box Turnbull.

Do you need guidance on how to communicate effectively to your key target audiences?

Do you have a communications strategy?

What are the best communications tactics you could utilise for your business and its reputation?

We would love to help your organisation create a strategy to improve your PR and communications. Book a session with Greig to receive bespoke advice that is relevant to your business.

  • Book your complimentary one-hour no obligation consultation – free for fellow Greentech members.
  • 10% discount for Greentech members on any commissioned services

Learn more about Fortitude here:

Email or call 03301 331 074 to book your consultation

Need help communicating with commercial audiences or stakeholders, need more leads or help converting leads? 

We work with organisations in areas such as healthcare, breakthrough tech, engineering, AI, software and advanced manufacturing. We are a marketing and sales consultancy specialising in the STEM sectors.


Offering all Oxfordshire Greentech members a complimentary 1-2-1 marketing review, for up to 1 hour either on the phone or online.

TwoBird Branding


How can we help you during this COVID-19 crisis?

TwoBird would be happy to support and add real value for your business during this crisis – what is your business doing for the good of the people and community right now – can we help with ideas, perhaps create your ideas, and then get this content online? If you now have some thinking time, could you use this to focus on your brand strategy and future-proof your brand for the inevitable recession?  Maybe some design for a crisis campaign? Or perhaps now is the time to simply update your website, or develop some social media templates.

As members of Greentech, TwoBird Branding – a Branding, Design and Brand Marketing consultancy and agency – are pleased to offer 20 members FREE services and discounts within the areas of Branding, Design or Branded Content.

TwoBird are offering the following deals to 20 Oxfordshire Greentech members (on a first-come, first-served basis):

1 hour brand design or marketing consultation with director(s). Looking at either your branding, the design of your website, or social media marketing
+ 5% discount upon confirmation of further work applied to first project

Associate founder:
1 hour consultation looking at either your branding, the design of your website, or social media marketing
+ 1 hour of application e.g. business card design, leaflet
+ 5% discount upon confirmation of further work applied to first project

1 hour consultation looking at either your branding, the design of your website, or social media marketing
+ 2 hours application e.g. home page redesign, brand story framework
+ 5% discount upon confirmation of further work applied to first project

We would be happy to show you examples of TwoBird projects prior to making your consultation appointment, or indeed visit our website to see a snippet of our portfolio.

Please phone to arrange your appointment and initial chat or book an appointment here

Laura Chapman (head of strategy and planning) 07747 607950
Lisa Wrake (head of creative) 07818 064148

LCMB Building Performance Ltd


Are you struggling to adapt your workplace in light of Covid-19 restrictions?

Is your workplace, building or estate costing more and more to run every year?

Are your employees constantly complaining about the temperature of your building, poor lighting or are just generally dissatisfied with the place in which they are working? If so we can help.

LCMB Building Performance Ltd. are offering a one-hour free MS Teams, or face to face COVID secure consultation, to members of Oxfordshire Greentech on a free no obligation basis, if you have a workplace, building or estate related issue that you’d like to discuss.

LCMB have been a member of Oxfordshire Greentech since the network’s formation, they are a real estate consultancy based in Bloxham. LCMB work with organisations to improve the performance of their workplaces and buildings. They help businesses deliver a step change in performance, making workplaces more productive, operational budgets stretch further, and lower energy use and carbon emissions. They offer workplace optimisation, facilities management, project management and resource optimisation support.

“We do our life’s work in our buildings. So, in our world, buildings matter.

We believe that every building, whatever its age, history, or appearance can be turned into a great place to work. All workplaces, buildings and estates should be a joy to work in and allow everyone to achieve their best.

We have worked as Directors of Estates and Facilities, consultants, and contractors over the last 30 years, constructing and managing over £3 billion of real estate. In that time, we have learnt how to get the best from real estate projects, supply chains and estate teams. We have seen first-hand the transformative impact that workplaces, buildings, and estates can have on the life of organisations, their people, and customers.

Our current clients include King’s College London, National Express and Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust and we would love to help other members of Oxfordshire Greentech if we can.” says John O’Brien MD and Founder.

If you have an issue you’d like to discuss contact John on t: 01295 7222823, e: or m: 07711 032137  for a free no obligation chat.

Collegia’s digital pension is the UK’s first personal, workplace and Auto Enrolment pension rolled into one. By offering unparalleled flexibility and portability, Collegia makes fulfilling your Auto Enrolment duties easy.

We are the UK’s only sustainable and digital Auto Enrolment pension. A pension in sync with the times, where the Environment, Social needs, Governance of funds and sustainability are taken seriously – and fitting in with the Ethos of more and more people including your own staff.

Collegia’s app allows users to see all their pension funds in one place.  A retirement planning tool shows – based on contributions employees are comfortable with and the ethics they care about – what kind of retirement they can expect, down to how much they’ll have to spend on groceries and holidays.

All Oxfordshire Greentech members will have access to our Collegia pension services free of charge. OG companies’ employees, that will use Collegia for their Auto Enrolment pensions, will not be charged for two months of contribution charges.

 Our team can always be reached at:

 Phone: 01865 416076


SYLO | Beyond HR.

SYLO | Beyond HR. offer straightforward HR advice, helping to develop effective business strategies for your people and your business. SYLO ensure you have a motivated, productive and happy team that work alongside you to achieve your goals and objectives.

SYLO are offering Greentech members a FREE 30 minute consultation with one of our experienced HR Business Partners.

Contact for more information.

Rapid Indigo

Based in Oxford, we work with ambitious organisations to transform performance by using modern software & data techniques.
We innovate by harnessing low-code platforms, automation & rapid implementation techniques. Also, we help address the fragmented collection of software that plagues organisations.

For fellow members we provide a rapid review and advice about how to improve your software & systems strategy to reduce their carbon footprint, automate convoluted manual processes or better harness your existing data.

Contact details 

Website: Rapid Indigo


Phone: 01865 570064


AndAnotherDay is a web technology agency who build bespoke web applications, dashboards and websites for organisations whose aim is to make a positive change to the world, especially those who use advances in green technology to achieve it.

As well as the free initial call that all customers get, we offer 50% off the discovery session at the beginning of the project to OG members.

Contact: for more information and to benefit from their offer.



Oxford Computer Consultants

Innovation Delivery


Free one-day consultation for Greentech members

Do you have a new software idea or some early-stage software you want to commercialise? Are you looking to make an existing system smarter and get more out of the data?

We offer a full range of services to help with your next software project:
• consultancy
• discovery
• UX design
• project management
• software development
• data services
• software testing
• hosting and support

Experienced in in helping organisations work smarter and greener across health, research, engineering, transport and
business services.

Call us today to get your next software project started.

Contact details

t. 01865 305200

Scroll down to see offers from our legal sector members.


Legal pop-ups for the Oxfordshire Greentech network

At any stage of your business journey, it’s likely there will be legal issues where you want clarity and the confidence to move ahead.

To help inform your legal decisions, we’re offering a free 30 minute online session with one of our specialist lawyers.

Tap into our wide-ranging expertise

We support clients across a range of services, from start-up, funding and growth to employment, brand protection, eventual sale and protecting the assets they’ve worked hard for.

Talk to us about your most pressing legal problem or check that you’re making the right choices. There’s no obligation, but we’re sure your session will demonstrate how we make great things happen for our entrepreneurial and innovative clients.


Visit Taylor Vinters’ webpage for more details and to book an appointment: 


The most valuable assets in a business are often not physical objects but ideas and knowledge – so-called “intellectual property”.  Having the right strategy in place to nurture and protect that intellectual property can mean the difference between success and failure, particularly for green technologies trying to find their foothold in established fields.  However, identifying what such a strategy might look like is a daunting task, especially for smaller companies just starting out.  Mewburn Ellis, a leading firm of IP-specialist advisors, want to play their part in helping green technologies flourish, and are offering a free 30 minute consultation to members to discuss their IP.


To book a free consultation please contact Paul Dunne at


You can also read our news and insights on new and exciting technologies and innovations happening in the Greentech space.


Click to see our website for more information.


See the source image

J A Kemp – free initial consultation and fixed price patent or trade mark drafting

J A Kemp is a leading UK and European Patent and Trade Mark Attorney firm that combines independent thinking with collective excellence.

For knowledge-intensive businesses, your intellectual property (IP) assets are likely to be the cornerstone of your operations and thus of great value, but have you taken adequate steps to identify and protect them all?  We can provide a team of specialists from across the legal and technical spectrums to help you with this and develop an IP strategy to support your business goals.

We are one of the largest UK and European firms and our excellence is recognised with top-tier rankings in all directories.  We have a team of attorneys with a special interest in cleantech, a wide range of technical backgrounds and experience in dealing with inventions in areas as diverse as fuel cells, renewable energy generation, biofuels, recycling, water treatment and combustion engine management. We also have experience of using the UK-IPO “Green Channel” to accelerate the examination of UK patent applications relating to clean or green technology.


  • Free initial consultation (up to 1 hour)
  • Fixed price drafting and filing of UK patent applications (subject to agreement)
  • Fixed price trade mark filing and registration packages for start-ups


Darcica Logistics 

Winner of the 2022 OXBA Green Award; family-owned company Darcica Logistics provide sustainable delivery and fulfilment services. Carbon reductions play a big part in everything Darcica does from route optimisation, reducing waste and innovation towards a zero emissions fleet.

Oxfordshire Greentech members can get a £50 discount when you spend £250 within the first three months on delivery or fulfilment services with Darcica.

Email Melanie at for more details.

Defy Expectations

Defy Expectations drives business success by helping you get the right people, in the right place, at the right time, doing the right things.

We offer discounts of up to 25% on all our training courses and coaching for OG members.


What we do for you

  • Use our years of senior business experience to help your business thrive
  • Help businesses succeed by aligning individuals and teams to corporate goals
  • Work at all levels to help you develop your leadership pipeline
  • Grow resilient leaders and team with shared purpose to manage an unknown future

How we do it

  • Work with you to understand your objectives
  • Use a combination of one to one, team coaching and training at all levels in the organisation to build leadership capacity.
  • Our unique coaching model integrates mind and body using our “Fit to Lead” methodology
  • Build understanding of how to leverage strengths
  • Create individual and team “operating manuals” to embed agreed behaviours

Why we are different

  • Senior business people with significant P&L experience in Finance, Manufacturing, Technology and Education
  • Focus on outcomes that drive the bottom line
  • Make change stick by integrating mind and body
  • Offer transparent pricing
  • Data driven with measurable results and agreed metrics


To benefit from our discount, get in contact with Helen Honisett at

Cambridge Startup Help

Would you like to widen your company’s reach and attract ideal customers?

Cambridge Startup Help specialises in developing marketing strategies and supporting with marketing activities to cleantech companies.  It has the following offers for Oxfordshire Greentech members:

FREE half an hour consultation to hear your sales objectives and offer ideas for the creation of marketing assets for the buyer journey

25% off a 2 hour a week social media package

25% off a marketing plan package

For help with marketing strategy and conquering your marketing activities, contact Emma at Cambridge Startup Help 

Greenteck Global

20% discount to all members for our business infection control fogging service.

Contact to find out more.

We are energy and sustainability specialists who passionately believe in making Oxfordshire even better.  Our part in that is to help local businesses decrease the amount of money and time spent on managing energy alongside supporting to help them realise their full sustainability potential.

VIAFUTURE demonstrate this through significant expertise delivering solutions to clients, and by building trusted, values based relationships with all of our customers and partners.

As lifelong residents of the county, we want to build something that will actively benefit our communities and make a positive difference for the future.  In fact, you could say it’s about being a stakeholder in creating a VIAble FUTURE, and investing in local charities and social initiatives that do amazing work every day.

Viafuture are offering all Greentech members 15% discount on fees for their services. 

To make the most of this offer, get in touch with Zoe at

Website here:

Free consulting services by Oxford University Students

Six Degrees is a think-tank run by Oxford students to provide governments, NGOs and corporates with innovative, sustainable solutions. We connect passionate Oxford students with interested organisations to provide expertise and innovative thought to facilitate a shift in how the world approaches sustainable development.

We work with a variety of clients across multiple governmental and corporate sectors on:

  •    Environmental impact mitigation and enhancement strategies
  •    Long-term business value creation
  •    Environmental policy advice
  •    Strategic thought leadership for sustainable transition

Our projects last about 12 weeks and can be further tailored to your organisation’s needs. We are offering free consulting services to Oxfordshire Greentech members. Students are vetted by experienced student consultants, lead by knowledgeable masters and doctoral students, and trained by industry professionals to produce insights that our clients can trust.

Contact details:


Phone: 07722 431293


Clipper Automotive


1 hour free consultancy around adoption of cost effective, low carbon travel. With a focus on retrofitting and high utilisation public vehicles (e.g. community transport and taxis).

Contact details


Tel: 07811 458 087