Breakthrough water desalination innovators Solar Water appoint Shaw Gibbs as outsourced finance partner

Solar Water PLC generates fresh water through the innovative use of carbon-neutral and sustainable technology. This is achieved through the desalination of sea water, using the power of sunlight through the Solar WaterTM dome. Their vision is to produce an inexhaustible fresh water supply for agricultural, industrial and domestic use in order to: help solve global water shortages,  reverse climate change and improve human wellbeing & health.

The award-winning company needed an outsourced finance partner to run their accounting function and were introduced to Sarah Gardener who heads the Outsourcing division for the top 100 practice.  Shaw Gibbs will act as Solar Water’s back-office finance department, carrying out tasks such as: payment runs, data-processing, providing management information and producing year end accounts and tax returns. Sarah and her team will also provide advisory support to the Solar Water board.

Sarah comments:

“Our outsourcing work is increasingly focussed on those in the disruptive technology sphere particularly because of where we are located in Oxford and London – two of the UK’s innovation clusters.  Emerging innovation, such as the work of Solar Water, is an area which enthuses me personally, especially when we can add our value and expertise to help them to achieve their aims. When Solar Water’s vision is realised, they will have the ability to drive global socioeconomic change, we are honoured and excited to be working such a ground-breaking organisation”

David Reavley, Chief Executive Officer for Solar Water adds:

“It is important to us to work with providers who will assist in enabling our time to be spent on the achievement of our objectives. The work we are carrying out is even more important to the world as we recover from the Covid-19 pandemic as Governments are focussing more on fresh water needs for agriculture and industry, not to mention water requirements for hygiene moving forward. We appointed Shaw Gibbs, having previously worked with Lynne Buchholz for tax advice and latterly being impressed with the approach that Sarah Gardener takes with her clients. As we plan for attracting further investment interest, it is satisfying to feel in safe hands with Sarah and the outsourcing team at Shaw Gibbs”