Special Interest Groups

Explore collaborations in your sector

Amongst the many opportunities we offer, we also run five Special Interest Groups (SIGs): Low-Carbon Mobility, Circular Economy, Access to Finance, Social Enterprise, and Built Environment. These groups afford a vital forum for meeting with others within your specific sector to explore commercial collaborations, share knowledge, and network. To help you further your impact, we host roundtable events, business breakfasts, technology tours, after-work drinks, and more.


Championed by members

Because Special Interest Groups are championed and led by our members, if you have an idea for an event/project that we aren’t currently running, we’d love to hear from you! We take the hard work out of making it happen by organising and publicising your event – and bring together the innovators and influencers in your field.

If you would like to become a member of our network, help champion a special interest group, start a new one, and/or suggest potential event ideas, get in touch with Hannah

Low-Carbon Mobility

We’re looking for a Co-Champion for our Low-Carbon Mobility SIG! Join Gerson Garsed-Brand (former engineer for Formula One) and help create an interest group around how we travel and commute using less carbon.

Circular Economy

This Special Interest Group will engage enterprises in Oxfordshire with how to implement business model transitions towards a circular mode, to develop and scale up the circular economy as a whole within the county.

Social Enterprise

In this Special Interest Group, those working in the social enterprise sector are supported to maximise social, financial and environmental impact within their respective organisations through the events and networking we offer.

Built Environment

Those working in the built environment sector can benefit from this Special Interest Group, where our aim is to facilitate making buildings cleaner and smarter through automated systems, sustainable building materials, and new technologies to increase efficiency.

Access to Finance

Accessing finance within the low-carbon sector can sometimes be confusing or seemingly unavailable. This Special Interest Group seeks to bring together those looking for funding and those with expertise in locating or providing it, as a means to further grow the low-carbon economy.