We’re looking for a Low-Carbon Mobility SIG Co-Champion!

Gerson Garsed-Brand, Associate Founder member of Oxfordshire Greentech and MD of Sabe Fluid Dynamics, is looking for another member to co-champion the Low-Carbon Mobility Special Interest Group.

By championing a SIG, you could:

  • Gain more visibility for your organisation, both within and outside of our network
  • Promote your organisation/expertise/insight online and at events
  • Form close connections with likeminded people
  • Win more work/clients for your organisation
  • Receive logistical support from Oxfordshire Greentech

Read on to see how you could be involved!

Introducing Gerson Garsed-Brand from Sabe Fluid Dynamics…



What does Sabe Fluid Dynamics do?



Sabe Fluid Dynamics is a specialist engineering consultancy. We offer services in the fields of thermal and fluid dynamics, covering design, computational simulations, experimental tests, performance analysis and correlation.

Typical applications we are often involved with include external aerodynamics, internal aerodynamics focused on thermal management of components, hydrodynamics, heat exchangers, lubrication.

Throughout my career I have been heavily involved with the automotive and motorsport industries, including a 9 years period working as a Formula 1 aerodynamicist. I started Sabe Fluid Dynamics in 2019 wishing to bring my personal interest in green technologies to my business.


Sabe’s expertise tends to cover only a small part of the product development cycle and within green technology we are finding challenging to connect to potential partners to collaborate with. I believe this group could be a great opportunity to develop a network of businesses interested in collaborating in the low-carbon mobility sector.


Why are you interested in co-championing the low-carbon mobility group?





What objectives do you have for this Low-Carbon Mobility group?




At this early stage I see three clear objectives for the group:


  1. Creating a communication channel for the existent Oxfordshire Greentech members interested in the mobility sector to collaborate, exchange experiences and learn from each other
  2. Organising events, talks, visits so that we can all can learn from professionals and businesses from inside and outside the Oxfordshire Greentech network
  3. Raising awareness of the work being done by Oxfordshire Greentech and its members, hoping to attract new members and increase the collaboration opportunities as a consequence

My background is in the design, simulation and analysis aspects of engineering. I believe a co-champing with a different background than mine would be a healthy addition by introducing more diversity. Expertise in materials, manufacturing, product development, infrastructure, marketing/consumer trends are example of interesting skills we are after.

Why would you like a co-champion to work with you, and what are the kind of skills or expertise they could have?



Contact Details



Sabe Technology Limited


Gerson Garsed-Brand – Managing Director

14 Stanton Harcourt Rd


OX28 3LD

Mobile: 07780 595556